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Qore Performance: ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad

The all-new ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad enhances the comfort level of your Guardian Warrior Solutions Bang Hanger. Despite weighing next to nothing, the ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad also provides stand-off ventilation and is fully optimized for the Guardian Warrior Solutions Bang Hanger and similar holster adapters. The mount height/placement can be adjusted for use with or without leg straps.

ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pads are available in black only, no other colors are planned. They are almost completely covered by your holster adapter, so even if we made these in Coyote Brown, nobody would see your ninja-ness.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All ICEVENTS® Classic products use the same footprint. All ICEVENTS® Aero products use the same footprint. The only difference is the backing (PowerMesh, hook backed, hook-receptive loop backed) and the size (all pads are full size except holster pads which are half size). 



1 x ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad (hook-receptive loop backing)

1 x Adhesive-backed Hook Velcro® Square (2" x 2")

16" Velcro® One-Wrap (black)*


*The hook-receptive loop fabric is designed for ventilation and has a lighter hook/loop adhesion than you might be used to for military-specification Velcro®. It is strong enough to secure the ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad to your holster platform since it is pressing up against your leg.



  • Proprietary Pad Technology: The technology within our Classic Holster Pad goes beyond the traditional sticky comfort pad. It's engineered with proprietary Stimulite thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), allowing for omnidirectional airflow underneath your holster adapter thanks to its impact-absorbing honeycomb design.
  • Simple Installation: The ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad is very easy to install. It features a hook-receptive loop backing and simple one-wrap connector that will thread through both your holster adapter and the ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad – resulting in perfect, secure cohesion and eliminating that irritating hot spot immediately.
  • Durability and Longevity: Constructed with high-quality materials, the ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it a long-lasting addition to your gear.


1.Length5.125 inches
2.Width3.125 inches
3.Height0.32 inches
 Weight0.5 oz

Like plate carriers, ICEVENTS® are not FR rated

Qore Performance: ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad

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