About Guardian Warrior Solutions


The world of warfighting equipment and tactical gear has been shifting more and more to be modular with options for rapid modifications. The phrase “Mission dictates the Gear” has become the methodology for the modern-day warrior.


Guardian Warrior Solutions LLC was created as both a company and a mentality. The ability to go from a Guardian to a Warrior as quickly as possible and back was formed as a result of our service in Law Enforcement. Our methodology for quickly adapting to a given mission has come from our service in the military. 


Throughout years of military and law enforcement experience, we have dealt with modifying gear in an effort to always try and find the best setups. We saw large discrepancies in the first line gear (i.e. gun belts). Once a MOLLE belt is woven on and setup, it is very difficult to quickly change out the pouches for a mission change. This led to the development of the Raptor Adaptor.