Raptor Adaptor V2

The Raptor Adaptor (patent pending) is a Tegris® adaptor that allows for the integration of a Blade-Tech® Tek-Lok® (or other belt attachment listed below) onto any MOLLE pouch for use on a belt.  The Raptor adaptor is also compatible with:

Wilder Tactical UAB clips

Safariland QLS, ELS, and standard hole patterns

Blade-Tech Tek-Lok® and TMMS

Blackhawk belt clips and hole pattern


The Raptor Adaptor, was created to bridge the gap in modularity for an operator’s first line gear i.e. gun belt. We have all seen the plate carrier options to change placards quickly for a given mission but the belt has remained the same. Now with the Raptor Adaptor, warfighters can utilize the proven system of the Blade-Tech® Tek-Lok® and combine it with any MOLLE pouch with 1, 2, or even 4 columns of MOLLE by 3 row spacing of MOLLE. This makes it possible to own one belt and have an arsenal of different pouches all set up with Tek-Loks® and Raptor Adaptors that can be swapped out in seconds. Additionally, this means that pouches can be quickly added to normal everyday belts as well. Range Day throw on, Patrol Base mag pouch, “Get Home Kit”, these are just a fraction of the uses. 


Improvements from version one include the use of Tegris® in place of our previously used kydex material.  Tegris® is lighter weight while also being highly durable, impact resistant, and allows more flexibility for an easier installation. Hardware improvements include replacing brass screws with steel ones. 


What is included:

1-Raptor Adaptor

4- phillips head steel screw sets (screw, rubber washer, post)

* Blade-Tech Tek-Lok, pouch, and belt not included**



*Guardian Warrior Solutions does not recommend using the Raptor Adaptor to mount a firearm.

*If a user chooses to mount less lethal items using the Raptor Adaptor, Guardian Warrior Solutions is not responsible for any negative outcomes associated.

Raptor Adaptor V2

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  • This device makes any molle equiped pouch a belt mounted pouch using your favorite belt mounting solution.