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Party Pooper Pouch (Double Dose)

Please allow a lead time of approximately 2-4 weeks for all of our sewn products.


Please order separately if you need other products faster.




The Party Pooper Pouch (Double Dose) is a slim pouch designed to carry 2 X 4 mg doses of Narcan.


It is made from all Berry Compliant materials and sewn here in Wyoming. It's made from Squadron material with Velcro closure.


The Party Pooper Pouch (Double Dose) carries 2 doses vertically stacked so that it does not stack out away from the body. 


The Party Pooper Pouch (Double Dose) can mount vertically with 2 columns of MOLLE. It can also be mounted horizontally with 2 MOLLE columns but on a 5 MOLLE wide footprint.


Adding 2 X ADAPTs in this section will save you on total cost over adding them on separately.


Add ADAPT 1's for mounting to a full 3" MOLLE field (i.e. a vest or pack)

Add ADAPT 1 SHORT's for mounting to a 2" MOLLE field (i.e. a belt)

Party Pooper Pouch (Double Dose)

PriceFrom $22.99
Excluding Sales Tax
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