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The Dingle Dangle

The Dingle Dangle is a laser cut Squadron material product used to add a single column of MOLLE horizontally below any hook and loop belt. 


Adding an ADAPT 1 to your Dingle Dangle in this section will save you $3 over purchasing them individually.


Pairing your Dingle Dangle with an ADAPT 1 allows you to add a knife or similar item on one side of the ADAPT 1 and use the other side to attach a MOLLE pouch to the Dingle Dangle.


Because the Dingle Dangle is laser cut all the way through, it is compatible with any orientation of hook and loop belt.


The benefit is that a user can add whatever tourniquet pouch in a dangler fashion but also to the same for any single column MOLLE pouch that they want to dangle. An example would be mounting a single column MOLLE pepper spray canister underneath the users pistol magazines. The is especially helpful for individuals with small waist lines who want to keep things off of their back.


The Dingle Dangle is Berry Compliant.


Made in Wyoming.

The Dingle Dangle

PriceFrom $11.99
Excluding Sales Tax
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