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Wheel Hanger

Please allow 7-10 business days for fulfillment.


The Wheel Hanger is a 12-layer Tegris mounting plate for weapon systems to attach to the belt using the G-Code RTI Wheel.


Comes statndard with one additional 12-layer Tegris stiffener plate.


The belt attachment point was designed primarily for mounting to MOLLE and occupies 3 columns in width. The Wheel Hanger can also attach to a non-MOLLE belt. It is adjustable for the height of the belt.


The Wheel Hanger is specifically designed for the G-Code RTI Wheel quick disconnect based on customer request. Centered within the the wheel hole pattern are 2 hieghts of Safariland hole patterns. This is to allow for any aftermarket attachments made for Safariland that can now integrate into your G-Code holster mounts.


The Wheel Hanger has an integrated slot for a 1.5" leg strap.



1 x Wheel Hanger

1 x Stiffener Plate

3 x 3/8" Phillips head screws

3 x 3/16" Slotted Binding Posts

3 x Rubber Spacers

6 x Metal Flat Washers


*We recommend using threadlocker on all included hardware.


*We recommend not hanging your belt with the weapon in the holster on the Wheel Hanger. The Wheel Hanger is designed to form to how its worn the most so if its hung up with significant weight in it then it may form in an undesirable manner.

Wheel Hanger

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